The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close on January 28, 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.

Adding a parkour map to this website

Everyone can add and share parkour maps on this website. It is easy to do and it requires a server running the CreativeParkour Bukkit plugin (help).

Enabling map sharing (for server admins)

If you are an admin on your server, you must enable parkour map sharing to allow players to share their maps. To do it, type /cp config sharing, click YES and follow the instructions to register your server on
After that, players are allowed to share their maps. You can use the creativeparkour.share permission to choose who is able to do it.

Adding a map to the website

You can share parkour maps you created with CreativeParkour on this website and add them in the map list by using the /cp share command (you have to be in a map you created, type /cp play and find one). If you are allowed to share your map, you will be asked by the plugin to click a link in the Minecraft chat. This link redirects you to the website to confirm your map sharing, don't forget to do it or your map will never be added to the list.