The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close on January 28, 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.


The plugin uses only one command: /cp (or /creativeparkour, or /cpk), but there are many possible arguments.
In this table (and in Minecraft in general), <argument> represents a required argument and [argument] represents an optional argument.

/cp helpDisplays CreativeParkour plugin's in-game help.
/cp play [map name]join, listDisplays the parkour map list to choose a map and play it or directly teleports the player to the map they specified.
/cp download <map ID or URL>/cpdDownloads a map from this website. Map IDs can be found in the map list or on map pages, or just paste the URL of the map page (for example:
/cp createnew, buildPuts the player in a new map in creation mode. They can also come back to their last edited map and find maps in which their were invited by using this command.
/cp leavequit, ragequitIf the player is in a map, teleports them where they were before playing CreativeParkour.
/cp invite <player>Invites someone to build a map with the command sender.
/cp remove <player>Disallows someone to build a map with the command sender.
/cp contributorsShows the list of players invited to build the map with /cp invite, with buttons to easily remove them.
/cp tp <player>Teleports you to the specified player that is playing in a CreativeParkour map to spectate it.
/cp settingspreferences, optionsShows a GUI in which the player can set its preferred CreativeParkour settings (messages, notifications...).
/cp testvalidatePuts the player in test mode in the map they are creating in order to validate it.
/cp publish <map name>If the map is validated, publishes the map on the server to allow other players to play it.
/cp mapoptionsDisplays to players creating parkour maps special options for their map.
/cp spectatorspec, spectateToggles spectator mode when a player plays a map.
/cp ghost selectghost selSelect ghosts to display.
/cp ghost playghost pStarts playing the ghosts you selected.
/cp ghost speed [multiplier]ghost sMakes ghosts you are watching going faster (2 times faster than usual by default, or the specified multiplier).
Fun facts: you can set multiplier to 0 to stop ghosts or to a negative value to make them walk backwards.
/cp ghost rewind [seconds]ghost rPuts ghosts 10 seconds in the past (or the specified number of seconds).
/cp ghost moment <second>ghost mPuts ghosts at the specified second.
/cp ghost watch <ghost ID>ghost wAdds the ghost corresponding to the given ID to your ghost selection. Ghost IDs can be found by server admins when reviewing cheaters. If you don't know what it is, you should not use this command.
/cp importselimportselectionImports in a new CreativeParkour map an area selected with WorldEdit anywhere on your server. For example, this can be useful to convert your old parkours to CreativeParkour maps (you still have to place special signs for start, checkpoints, etc.).
/cp claimGives to players rewards they obtained in parkour maps.
/cp editTurns back the map the player is in to edition mode if the player is its creator (or has the "creativeparkour.manage" permission).
/cp delete [map ID]Deletes the map in which the player is or the one specified by the ID found with /cp getid (only if the player is the map creator or has the "creativeparkour.manage" permission).

WorldEdit commands

WorldEdit can be used in the map builder to help you creating parkours. Click here to read how to use it.
Available WorldEdit commands are //wand, //toggleeditwand, //pos1, //pos2, //set, //undo, //redo, //clear, //replace, //copy, //cut, //paste, //hollow, //center, //naturalize, //walls, //faces, //smooth, //count, //cyl, //hcyl, //sphere, //hsphere, //pyramid, //hpyramid, //flip, //rotate, //stack.
Click here to see WorldEdit's documentation about these commands.
You can find all the block IDs on websites like this one.

Restricted commands

These commands require the "creativeparkour.manage" permission:

/cp removetime <player> [all]deletetimeDeletes player's time in the current map (add all after their name to delete their time in all the maps or the server). This cannot be undone, be careful!
/cp exportCreates a file containing data about the map the player is in. Maps can be imported by pasting .cpmap files in the "Automatically import maps" folder.
/cp managemapsDisplays a list of all the maps on the server with detailed information and quick actions.
/cp pinPins the map in which the player is in the map list (it will be at the top of the list when players do /cp play).
/cp unpinUnpins the map in which the player is.
/cp getid [map name]Displays the ID of the map where the player is or the one they typed.
/cp syncSynchronizes downloadable map list, player names, player times and ghosts with this website. This is usually done automatically.
/cp noplatesnopressureplatesToggle usage of pressure plates as special blocks in the map you are. In fact, this command is used to disable the "pressure plates as special blocks" option in some specific maps, if there are problems.
/cp ban <player>Prohibits the player to use the plugin.
/cp pardon <player>Allows the player to use the plugin again.

Operator commands

Only operators can perform these commands:

/cp configconfigureUsed to configure the plugin on first use (or later if you want).
/cp language <language code>langSets CreativeParkour to the specified language (a language code like de or deDE). Obviously, only some languages are available. Click here for a list and information about helping translating the plugin to your language.
/cp enableEnables the plugin.
/cp disableDisables the plugin.