The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close in 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.

Plugin configuration

The CreativeParkour Bukkit plugin uses several YAML files to store data and configuration. They are created in the <your server>/plugins/CreativeParkour folder.


Item Type Default value Description
plugin enabled Boolean true Specifies if the plugin is enabled or not.
enable auto updater Boolean true If true, the plugin will automatically updated on server start if there is an update.
enable data collection Boolean true If true, the plugin will send stats and report errors.
language String enUS Plugin's language. Several translations are available, and everyone can contribute! Click here for more info.
prefix String §e[§6CreativeParkour§e] Prefix displayed in chat before all CreativeParkour messages. You can use Minecraft formatting codes to customize it.
The default prefix is [CreativeParkour].
sign brackets String triangle To change brackets around sign tags (like <start>). Possible values are triangle for <>, square for [] and round for ().
Remember that all the documentation uses triangle brackets, so if you change this parameter, make sure to inform your players.
debug Boolean false If true, debug messages will be displayed in console.
memory dump interval Integer 20 Minutes between two memory dumps. Set to 0 to disable.
This deletes useless elements from memory, and it can also improve general performance.
dont use cp Boolean false If true, /cp command is disabled and /cpk must be used instead. This option is useful if you have another plugin that uses the /cp command on your server.
Keep in mind that all the documentation and all in-game messages use /cp, you must clearly tell your players to use /cpk instead or they will not be able to use CreativeParkour.
installation date Timestamp Current timestamp Date at which the plugin started for the first time, shall not be modified.
languages version String Current version of the plugin Last languages update version, shall not be modified.
map storage world World name CreativeParkourMaps The name of the world where parkour maps are stored.
map storage.use plugin world Boolean true If true, the plugin will create a world called CreativeParkourMaps and maps will be stored in. It is highly recommended to use this world to prevent bugs.
map location x min Integer 0 Location from which the plugin will generate parkour maps (maps can be created at any greater coordinates than this location).
map location y min Integer 10
map location z min Integer 0
map size Integer 64 Maps' edge. If this size is 64, maps will have a size of 64×64×64.
This does not affect already published maps, you can change the value when you want without breaking everything.
map Integer 30 Size of the empty space between parkour maps.
map creation.allow redstone Boolean true If false, redstone will be disabled in maps.
map creation.allow fluids Boolean true If false, water and lava will be disabled in maps. Note that players cannot drown or be hurt by lava in parkour maps.
map creation.disable potion effects Boolean false If true, <effect> signs will be disabled.
map creation.announce new maps Boolean true If true, a message will be sent to all players on the server when a new map is published.
map creation.maps per player limit Integer 1000 Maximum number of maps that players who do not have the "creativeparkour.infinite" permission can create.
map creation.worldedit item Item name WOOD_AXE Name of the item used as WorldEdit's wand on the server. This should not be changed unless you do not use the default wooden axe wand.
An exact item name from this list must be used.
map selection.display records Boolean true If true, player records will be displayed in map selection GUI (/cp play). Setting this option to false will improve performance and reduce lag when a player uses this command, it can be useful if you have many maps and players.
game.max players per map Integer -1 Maximum number of players that can be in a parkour map. Put -1 to disable this.
game.max players in storage world Integer -1 Maximum number of players that can be in the world where the plugins stores maps. Put -1 to disable this. inventory Boolean true If true, the plugin will store players' inventories when they will play or create maps and give them back when they leave.
If you have a PerWorldInventory-like plugin, it is recommended to set this to false and configure a new inventory group for CreativeParkourMaps world.
game.force empty inventory Boolean false If true, players must empty their inventory before playing or creating a map (consequently, it sets " inventory" to false).
game.inventory recovery world exclusions World name list - example_world_1
- example_world_2
List of world names. If a player teleports to one of these worlds when leaving CreativeParkour, they will not recover the inventory that has been saved when they joined.This can be used to prevent players to recover their survival inventory when they directly teleport to the creative world for example.
game.exit World name Default world's spawn location Location where players are teleported if you set "game.always teleport to exit location" (below) to true or if their previous location cannot be recovered (it should never happen).
game.exit location.x Double
game.exit location.y Double
game.exit location.z Double
game.exit location.pitch Float
game.exit location.yaw Float
game.always teleport to exit location Boolean false If true, players will be always teleported to the location specified above instead of where they were when joining a parkour map.
game.exit on login Boolean false If true, players that login in maps are teleported where they were before joining CreativeParkour instead of staying in the map.
game.update players before teleporting Boolean false If false, inventories are given back to players after changing world when leaving maps (also for game mode, health...).
If true, inventories are given back to players before changing world, so other plugins are free to change inventories (and change game mode) when players teleport between worlds. This second option should only be used if players do not join CreativeParkour with an important inventory, or other plugins may delete it on world change.
game.only leave with creativeparkour command Boolean false If true, players will only be allowed to use /cp leave to leave CreativeParkour (so they will not be able to use commands like /spawn to leave). This option can be used to prevent issues with worlds, inventories, gamemodes...
game.negative leaderboard Boolean false If true, leaderboard's times are negative so that the fastest time would be on top.
game.disable leaderboards Boolean false If true, there will not be leaderboards in CreativeParkour, players' times will not be saved, and ghosts will be disabled. The main purpose of this option is to improve performance by removing the time spent loading leaderboards.
game.enable map rating Boolean true If true, players will be able to rate maps difficulties when they reach the end.
game.freeze redstone Boolean false If true, redstone will be automatically frozen in maps where no one is.
game.pressure plates as special blocks Boolean false If true, pressure plates will be used to detect players on special blocks instead of constantly checking their location when they move. This option improves performance when there are many players. It can be disabled in some specific maps using the /cp noplates command.
game.milliseconds difference Integer 10000 Number of milliseconds per minute that are tolerated between the time in ticks and the real time that a players takes to complete a parkour. If the average difference for each minute is higher than the value you set, the time will not be saved. This can be useful to prevent the plugin from saving incorrect times when the server is laggy (with a bad TPS). Set to 0 to disable.
game.enable ghosts Boolean true If true, player ghosts will be enabled in CreativeParkour. Players will be able to select ghosts they want to run parkours against. You can choose who is allowed to see and create ghosts using permissions.
game.max ghosts Integer 15 Maximum number of ghosts each player can select and see in a parkour map.
game.fetch ghosts skins Boolean true If true, your server will ask ghosts' skins. This is disabled if "enable data collection" is false.
game.sharing info in downloaded maps Boolean true Set to false to disable the message about map sharing when players complete downloaded courses.
online.enabled Boolean false If true, the plugin will be able to communicate with this website to allow players to download and share maps. Permissions can be used to choose who is able to do it.
online.server uuid UUID Random The server UUID, randomly generated. Must not be changed. downloadable maps Boolean true If true, maps that can be downloaded from this website will be displayed in the map list.
online.upload ghosts Boolean true If true, player ghosts will regularly be uploaded to this website to share them with the community. ghosts Boolean true If true, ghosts will be downloaded from the website when players select them (only in downloaded or shared maps).
rewards.currency String MONEY × %amount The way you want CreativeParkour to display money amounts in rewards. The string must contain %amount thay will be displayed as a number. For example, you can set $%amount to display $100 to players that get 100 dollar rewards in CreativeParkour.
rewards.claim worlds all Boolean true If true, players are allowed to claim rewards in all the worlds (setting this to true will make the "claim worlds" list below useless).
rewards.claim worlds World name list - world
- world_nether
- world_the_end
And the other worlds...
Players can claim their rewards only while being in one of the world of this list. For example, only set your survival world to force players to get rewards only in this world, and nowhere else.
This list is useless if "claim worlds all" option above is set to true.

Map files

Data about parkour maps is stored in the Maps folder. It contains one file for each map, files' names are map ids that can be found in Minecraft with /cp managemaps or /cp getid.
These files should not be edited or maps can be corrupted.

Time files

Players' times and ghosts in different parkours are stored in files in the Times folder.
Files are named like this: <map UUID>_<player UUID>.yml
Deleting a time file will delete the player's time and ghost in the related parkour map.

Player files

Player data stored in files in the Players folder.
Files' name are players' UUID. They contain player preferences, inventory, etc.

lobby signs.yml

Contains data about signs used to join maps or display leaderboards.


This file can be used to create custom rewards.

WorldEdit configuration

Creativearkour uses WorldEdit in creation mode. All WorldEdit settings apply in CreativeParkour.