The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close in 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.


Languages are no longer updated, but existing translations can still be used.

The CreativeParkour Bukkit plugin is not only in English! It uses online BukkitDev's localization system that allows everyone to contribute to translations.

Available languages

 • English
 • French (fully translated)
 • German (fully translated)
 • Korean
 • Latin American Spanish
 • Polish (fully translated)
 • Russian
 • Simplified Chinese (fully translated)
 • Spanish (almost fully translated)

Additional information

Words beginning by "%" must not be translated, they are replaced with data when the plugin displays the message.
When you see %LClick here%L, only translate "Click here" ("%L" surrounds a link).
Messages sometimes contain "\n", it represents a line break. Do not insert actual line breaks in translations.
Help book messages contain formatting codes (§ followed by a number or a letter) that should not be changed.

Custom language file

You can also create your own language file to have custom messages in the plugin. To do it, create a txt file in the CreativeParkour folder of your server. Then, write your custom messages in it. You must use this format: <phrase_name>=<message>. You can find phrase names in BukkitDev's localization system. You can get all the existing messages in English or another language here, but you don't have to put all the messages in your file if you want to change only some of them.
After you created your file, open configuration.yml and replace the language value by your file name (with the extension). Then, restart your server and your custom messages will be loaded.