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Lobby signs

Signs can be placed anywhere on your server to allow players to create and play maps by clicking on them, or to display leaderboards. With this feature, you can for example create a parkour lobby with signs to join maps and walls displaying leaderboards!

"Create", "play" and "map" signs

These signs are very simple to create. When a player right clicks on one of them, it works like regular commands (/cp create, /cp play and /cp play <map>). As you can see on the picture on the right, you have to write <cp> on the first line of a sign and its type on its second line (create, play or map). For map signs, don't forget to write on the third line the name of the map in which you want players to be teleported when they right click the sign.
If the name of the map is too long to fit in the line, you can use its ID: find it by going in the map and typing /cp getid (or use /cp managemaps), and then write ID:<ID> instead of map's name on the sign (replace <ID> by the ID you found before).

Data about these signs is stored in the signs.yml file. To delete a sign, just break it, it will be automatically removed from the file.

Leaderboard signs

You can create big leaderboard panels to display the best parkour players for each map! Follow these instructions to create leaderboard signs:
Line 1: as the other signs, write <cp> on the first line.
Line 2: write leaderboard on the second line.
Line 3: on the third line of the sign, write the full name of the map you want to display players' times (or use its ID if the name is too long, see above).
Line 4: this last line can contain two information. First, type the leaderboard rank of the first player you want to display the time on the sign. For example, write 1 for the best player, the sign will display their time, followed by the second player, followed by the third... You can also add +name after this number to tell the sign to display the map name on its first line.
Here is an example of a sign leaderboard for a map called Jungle Run, up to the 11th best player. As you can see, the sign leaderboard sorts players that have the same number of seconds by ticks, unlike the regular map leaderboard.

Tip: right-clicking on a leaderboard sign teleports you to the parkour map.