The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close on January 28, 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.


Here is the list of all the permissions used by the CreativeParkour Bukkit plugin. If you want other permissions to make the plugin more configurable, please contact the author.

Permissions for which the default value is "everybody" are by default given to all the players on your server.
To remove them from a player, you have to explicitly tell your permission plugin that this player must not have the permission.
For example, with PermissionsEx, to prohibit a player to create parkour maps, you have to give them the -creativeparkour.create permission, with a dash before the permission (so in your permission list, it will look like - -creativeparkour.create because of the other dash to introduce the item of the list).

If you remove some permissions to players, it is recommended to explicitly give them the other permissions you want them to have.

If you are using a permission plugin, it is recommended to install Vault to prevent permission issues (especially with WorldEdit when building parkour maps).

Permission Default value Description
creativeparkour.* Operators Gives access to all CreativeParkour commands and permissions (configuration commands included!). Everybody Allows players to play parkour maps. Players without this permission cannot use the CreativeParkour plugin.
creativeparkour.create Everybody Allows players to create parkour maps.
creativeparkour.invite Everybody Allows players to invite others to build maps with them in creation mode.
creativeparkour.infinite Everybody Allows players to create an infinite number of maps. Check out "map creation.maps per player limit" in the plugin configuration to set the limit for those who do not have the permission.
creativeparkour.worldedit Everybody Allows players to use the WorldEdit wand when creating a map. Operators Allows players to download maps from this website.
creativeparkour.share Everybody Allows players to share their maps with the community on this website (how?). Everybody Ghosts will be created when players that have this permission finish a parkour.
creativeparkour.ghosts.see Everybody Allows players to see other players' ghosts when playing maps.
creativeparkour.spectate Everybody Allows players to use spectator mode when playing maps.
creativeparkour.rate.difficulty Everybody Allows players to rate maps' difficulty.
creativeparkour.rate.quality Everybody Allows players to rate maps' quality.
creativeparkour.createSigns Operators Allows players to place lobby signs.
creativeparkour.manage Operators Allows players to pin, export, edit and delete maps, to invite and remove players without being the map creator, and ban and pardon players from CreativeParkour.