The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer maintained and this website will close on January 28, 2019. Please click here for more information
Thank you for your understanding.

CreativeParkour is closing

The CreativeParkour plugin is no longer updated and this website will close in January 2019.


This decision is a consequence of several things:

So what now?

The CreativeParkour plugin is still available for download, but will no longer be updated. Version 2.11.8 is the last update.
The following plugin features are disabled: registering a new server on the website, uploading maps, uploading ghosts, reporting ghosts, automatic error reporting. Other remote features will be permanently disabled on January 1, 2019.
All the other features that are not remote are still available for everyone.
This website will stay online until January 2019, but registrations are closed.

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who downloaded the plugin, built and played fun parkour maps to be part of a nice creative community. I know I promised new features and bug fixes, but these would need a time-consuming rewrite as mentioned before. I am very sorry to abandon the project like this, but I hope you all understand my descision.

Thank you all for supporting this project! I learned a lot during this adventure, I tried to create an innovative and unique plugin and I am proud to see that it made people happy.

Thanks again, and remember, tommorrow is just a dream away! ✨