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Parkour map: Black & White

Creators: DabFace DabFace's head, CuboManco CuboManco's head, Bobicraft Bobicraft's head, PedroHasArrived PedroHasArrived's head, MrGahir0s MrGahir0s's head, Cado92 Cado92's head
Difficulty: extreme (4.5/5)
Minimum Minecraft version: 1.8
This map contains 1.9 blocks, but CreativeParkour can convert them to 1.8-compatible blocks.
Shared on: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Creation server: BobiServer

Type "/cpd 201" on a server running CreativeParkour to play! Help
Black & White screenshot
World record: 289.1 seconds
edgarin2014 edgarin2014's head

2) 342.55: xXZocker408Xx xXZocker408Xx's head
3) 1303.65: Das_DvD Das_DvD's head

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