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Parkour map: Kopalnia

Creators: Golgroth Golgroth's head, MR_Diamond_PL MR_Diamond_PL's head
Quality: Full starFull starFull starFull starEmpty star
Difficulty: hard (4/5)
Minimum Minecraft version: 1.8
Shared on: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Type "/cpd 234" on a server running CreativeParkour to play! Help
A parkour map where you have to escape from collapsing mine.
Kopalnia screenshot
World record: 180.6 seconds
Auraclaw Auraclaw's head

2) 353: DryBonesSamu DryBonesSamu's head
3) 452.2: xRadiance_ xRadiance_'s head
4) 525: Golgroth Golgroth's head
5) 926.05: MONO520m MONO520m's head
6) 973.2: QuakeProPlayz QuakeProPlayz's head
7) 1036: xiao_q2 xiao_q2's head
8) 2537.65: Wolf_Runner Wolf_Runner's head

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