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Parkour map: Every Block In The World

Creators: redm42 redm42's head, MA2_d3ci MA2_d3ci's head, LittIePanda LittIePanda's head, Pqstell Pqstell's head, PigeonMaster4728 PigeonMaster4728's head, GKB06 GKB06's head, APNightshade APNightshade's head, 22106x 22106x's head, brocky9 brocky9's head, PR0CESS PR0CESS's head, _Minja_ _Minja_'s head, Enderslayer56789 Enderslayer56789's head, Creeper_Arrow Creeper_Arrow's head, cloudydxde cloudydxde's head, Tate_Leigh1 Tate_Leigh1's head
Quality: unrated
Difficulty: unknown difficulty
Minimum Minecraft version: 1.12
Shared on: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Type "/cpd 330" on a server running CreativeParkour to play! Help
This is a heavily detailed rage parkour course designed to test patience and skill from those who love it! What makes this map unique is that other than in the center purple section, every jump in the whole course uses a different Minecraft block. It does not use certain items as many have been restricted use in IDMC but those items are few in number, thankfully. How much rage can you take? :)
Every Block In The World screenshot

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