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Server: SlimeyPlayz Server

This server has the CreativeParkour Bukkit plugin.

Name: SlimeyPlayz Server
CreativeParkour maps created on this server:
So this is a new SlimeyPlayz server! Our old one was on my computer but that computer somehow broke. It's RAM disk overloaded and that caused to boot disk to fail so it kinda just...died. We're still in the process of rebuilding so please be patient while we get back up on our feet! Our new server has more RAM space (double the previous amount!) so we are running pretty much lag-free! We currently have 2 creative worlds, one with 101x101 plots and another with 201x201 plots. We now offer basic WorldEdit with votes! You can use very basic WorldEdit commands in the creative worlds for 12 hours after voting. We also have survival on our server! The survival has several custom RPG style things such as poisonous spiders living in trees, to finding money inside grass! We now even have BlockParty